Deeside businessman slates mobile phone reception

Businessman Bert McIntosh has criticised the Vodafone service in parts of Deeside
Businessman Bert McIntosh has criticised the Vodafone service in parts of Deeside

A prominent Deeside businessman has taken mobile phone giant Vodafone to task over reception in the area.

Bert McIntosh, boss of Echt-based McIntosh Plant Hire, has complained regularly about not receiving a signal and of calls cutting out.

He claims the Vodafone service was “great up until four or five years ago” but since then his firm, and many other customers in the area, have experienced constant problems.

Mr McIntosh, 73, told the Piper: “We just want our service back.

“This has been going on for years and it has got worse in the last two years. It’s become horrendous.

“We want a service fit for purpose so that you can use the phone and it works for you.

“I know a lot of the blank spots here and I know where not to make the call, but then all of a sudden that blank spot becomes a good spot on occasions. There is no consistency in where you get a signal.”

Mr McIntosh claims other local firms are experiencing similar difficulties with Vodafone.He said: “You can be going along the road in the middle of a conversation and it just goes out like that in a lovely clear area. It’s so frustrating.”

The businessman said all his drivers had a phone in their cab.

He added: “I just want to try and eliminate excessive use of the phone caused by the bad service.

“People can’t make contact with you and in my position I need contact.”

A Vodafone UK spokesperson said: “We remain committed to improving the network, having invested more than £2billion on our network and services across the UK since 2014 with another £2billion planned for the next three years.

“As part of this and our network sharing agreement with Telefonica (O2), we are planning to make further network improvements to the area in the future.

“At the same time, we are also very aware that in certain areas of the county we may struggle to deliver the level of coverage our customers expect.

“This could be due to a number of reasons such as the lack of the decent broadband infrastructure needed to provide the necessary backhaul from our masts, gaining the permissions to build masts in areas of outstanding natural beauty or difficulties in finding usable sites following discussions with potential landlords and councils.

“We also receive planning application refusals, and objections from local residents.”