Fourth place for Westhill Academy in Rock Challenge

Westhill Academy placed fourth with Forever lost from Flannan Isle.
Westhill Academy placed fourth with Forever lost from Flannan Isle.

Pupils from Westhill Academy came in fourth in the Aberdeenshire qualifying round of the 2017 Rock Challenge,

Nine schools from across Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City competed on Saturday and Westhill Academy placed fourth with Forever lost from Flannan Isle.

The event held at The AECC, Aberdeen, attracted more than 1700 audience members and was supported by Aberdeenshire Council & Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership, NHS Grampian, Choices for Life, Aberdeen City Council, CEOP, Razzamataz.

Community Safety Leader from Aberdeenshire Council Cheryl Smith said: “What a fantastic night with wonderful performances showcasing the array of talent from across Aberdeenshire, congratulations to all involved!”

1st Place- Qualifying to the 2017 Scottish Final- Fraserburgh Academy, Fraserburgh:

Magnitude 9.1

The ocean, a place of peace, but witness its destruction instantly. We revisit

Tohoku in March 2011, moments before a catastrophic tsunami demolishes

all in its path. Separating mothers from their children on what could be

their final moments. Follow our family as they fight for survival through

the force of he surge. Tonight, feel the power of “Magnitude 9.1”.

2nd Place- Mackie Academy, Stonehaven:

Mei Ming

Modern China. Oppressive gender roles continue to influence society.

Men are prized, chosen for professions for which women are considered

too weak, too feeble. Our heroine’s very name epitomises the inequality

she faces. Joining the army, she takes it upon herself to fight

negative stereotypes, which go hand in hand with being

female. She is Nameless. She is Mei Ming.

3rd Place- Mintlaw Academy, Mintlaw:

Dedicated To The Greatest

During his colourful and dramatic life, Muhammed Ali has fought challenges both

in and out of the ring, some over moral issues like war, discrimination and

disease. Despite this, he has always shown strength and determination

to stand up for what he believed in. A true hero of our times.

Our performance is ‘Dedicated To The Greatest.’

4th Place- Westhill Academy, Westhill:

Forever lost from Flannan Isle

When the vicious storm hits, the lighthouse keepers have to flee their beloved home, Flannan Isle, for safety. They experience a terrifying voyage that millions of refugees face today. From demon-mermaids, to the evil lady of the sea who manipulates

them like many before. With the odds stacked, will they find

refuge or join the refugees forever lost at sea?

Peterhead Academy showcased their performance as they have already qualified through to the 2017 Rock Challenge Northern Premier Final taking place at Grimsby Auditorium in July.