Inspectors’ praise for nursery

The nursery is operated by Aberdeenshire Council
The nursery is operated by Aberdeenshire Council

A council-run Deeside school nursery has been praised for its level of care and support following a recent inspection.

The quality of management and leadership at the Braemar School class was also hailed by the Care Inspectorate.

During the May visit, inspectors found that staff were “welcoming and nurturing” and had created a warm and inclusive environment within the nursery operated by Aberdeenshire Council.

They said that staff had a very good knowledge of their children and families and that each child had an appropriate personal/care plan which indicated how children’s changing care and support needs would be met by the service.

Rating the quality of care ‘very good’ and management and leadership ‘good’, inspectors said staff supported children in a manner which was “effective, consistent and individualised” and it was clear children felt included and empowered.

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said it noted the findings, adding: “It is pleasing to see that the school’s good relationship pupils and parents has been recognised, and that youngsters and their families are full involved with the service.

“We hope this inspection is a welcome end of term boost to all involved.”