Gin and tonic: secret to a long, happy life

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  • Nice hot bath and a G&T - secret to a long life
  • Combined age of 304
  • Bulldog Humphrey joined the party

Residents at Inchmarlo Care Home had something to smile about recently as three ladies jointly celebrated milestone birthdays.

Family and friends came together to cut cake and toast the residents, who between them have lived an astonishing 304 years.

Margaret Harper is the eldest, having just turned 106, while Jean Faulks, a London-born osteopath and dog trainer, turns 100 next month.

Phyllis Wood hasn’t quite reached the centenarian milestone yet having turned 99 in January.

Mrs Faulks lived on the estate with her husband for 12 years, and after his death moved into the care home in 2010 at the grand age of 95.

Also marking the occasion with the ladies was therapet Humphrey, an English Bulldog who regularly visits residents and keeps his own blog regarding his duties at Inchmarlo.

With nearly three quarters of the elderly population in the UK over the age of 85 being women, the Deeside ladies revealed their secret to a long and happy life. According to Mrs Harper it is ‘a nice hot bath every evening and a gin and tonic’ but above all the general consensus is ‘retaining a good sense of humour’.

Given that we are all living longer, care provision is an increasing concern in Scotland, especially as the number of people of pensionable age is set to rise by 63% over the next two decades.

Professor Charles Skene, who conceived the idea of the Retirement Village on Royal Deeside in the early 1980s, believes in constantly looking at the facilities and services required to support the growing number of elderly people.

Inchmarlo with its eight neighbourhoods, comprising 169 homes, from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses, provides support to the home owners to enable them to stay as independent as possible in great comfort. During the most recent inspection carried out by the Care Inspectorate, Inchmarlo House and the retirement community maintained their high grading.

The 100 acre estate of rambling woodlands and walks means homeowners can remain active, with many outdoor pursuits right on their doorsteps.

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