Record breaking Dinnie Stones hold for American tourist

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An American holidaymaker made a special visit to Potarch to lift the Dinnie Stones.

And he did it with a record breaking lift and hold.

Bryan Hunsaker (36) travelled with his family from Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, to the UK on a family holiday.

He had heard about the Dinnie Stones in America and so his wife contacted Ballogie Estate to see if there was a possibility that he could attempt a lift during his time in the UK.

They made a special trip up from England to Edinburgh and then drove to Potarch on Saturday so Bryan could attempt a lift.

Helen Knowles, from Ballogie Estate, said: “The 6’ 8” gentle giant was very excited to have been given the opportunity to lift the stones and after a successful lift attempt he decided to attempt to break the record for a hold.

“Bryan at 36 years of age lifted the stones and held them for 33.9 secs, the watching crowd counted as he held, his whole body shaking with the immense effort, afterwards Bryan thanked managing partner Malcolm Nicol for the opportunity.

“Bryan’s attempt was an amazing show of inner core strength, on his first attempt the clearance he achieved was fantastic, there was certainly wind beneath the stones!

“To follow that with a further lift and hold for 33.9 secs was a true example of strength and inner determination.”

Ballogie Estate is the birthplace of the 19th century’s greatest athlete Donald Dinnie, who was born at Balnacraig.

His sporting career began at the age of 16 and spanned over 50 years competing successfully in 11,000 competitions.

Donald, like his father Robert, was a stonemason.

On a market day at Potarch Green sometime in the 1860’s, he entertained the crowds with an amazing show of strength by carrying two boulders, with a combined weight of 332.49 KG, a distance of 4.6 metres across Potarch Bridge.

The estate has the Dinnie Stones on display at a special site in the garden of the Potarch Café and Restaurant beside Potarch Lodge, the gateway to Ballogie Estate.