Ballogie celebrates final boost to footpath funding

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A small Deeside community is celebrating after receiving a grant from Awards for All Scotland towards a new foot and cycle path.

The grant of £10,000 has been awarded to Ballogie Community Association (BCA) for the off-road footpath linking different parts of the village of Marywell, Ballogie.

I can’t wait for the path to be built so we can walk or cycle to Nursery.

Fiona Carter, BCA Committee member

The Awards for All grant means that all the funding is in place and construction of the 650 metre path can begin.

The path has been a partnership project between BCA, Birse and Ballogie Community Council (B2C2), Ballogie Estate and farmer Gordon Dinnie.

Apart from the Awards for All grant, funding has come from Aberdeenshire Council, Teekay Petrojarl, British Polar Engines Ltd, BCA itself and in-kind contributions from Ballogie Estate.

Marywell, located between Aboyne and Finzean, has the South Deeside Road running through the it, but the road is winding, bounded by stone dykes and has no verges.

General feeling amongst members of the Deeside community, therefore, is that the road is unsafe for pedestrians especially children, which means that parents have to use their cars to take their children to the Ballogie Nursery.

The new off-road path will enable children to walk to nursery and will also open up safe walking opportunities on both sides of the South Deeside Road for residents and visitors.

The new path would also offer a safer route for cyclists, many of whom enjoy cycling on the scenic Deeside roads, as well as riding along the old Deeside Railway Line from Aberdeen city to Ballater.

Fiona Carter, BCA Committee member and a parent at Ballogie Nursery, said: “It’s been so frustrating living in this beautiful place, only 400 metres from the Nursery, but having to take my daughter Millie to Nursery in the car.

“I can’t wait for the path to be built so we can walk or cycle to Nursery. The Nursery staff are also pleased because the path will allow more opportunities for the children to explore the countryside around them.”