Banchory Academy pupil's wish granted

A Banchory Academy pupil is heading stateside to attend an annual technology conference because of a wish he made.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 22nd January 2016, 12:29 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd January 2016, 12:31 pm
Alex Robb: The Banchory Academy pupil is to attend DeveloperWeek 2016 after his wish came true
Alex Robb: The Banchory Academy pupil is to attend DeveloperWeek 2016 after his wish came true

Last week, Young Scot announced that Alex Robb, 16, from Banchory, is to visit one of the world’s most prestigious technology festivals held in San Francisco in February after making a wish on a mobile phone app called ‘Wisher’.

Wisher enables people’s wishes to be granted around the world. The partnership with Young Scot aims to support young people in Scotland to take part in a life-changing experience. To win, Alex explained his motivations for making the wish and demonstrated why it will make a positive impact.

He said: “My wish is to attend the yearly DeveloperWeek conference and festival in San Francisco.

“As a computing science student and keen developer, this event is amazing. It’s a gathering of some of the world’s top technology leaders where people can learn, share and create.

“Attending would be an incredible opportunity to learn, meet others with the same interests, build my confidence and develop team-work skills – as well as amplifying my interest in developing.”

DeveloperWeek 2016 will showcase exhibitions from international technology companies, and expert judges and mentors will run a “hackathon” to “create new products.

Louise Macdonald, chief executive of Young Scot, said: “It’s incredibly inspiring to hear the wishes of young Scots like Alex. He had a dream to learn from the world’s top tech developers and we’re proud to play a part in making that happen. ”

Young Scots aged 16 to 25 were encouraged to enter the competition via Young Scot Rewards - a programme aimed at encouraging young people to take part in positive activities that benefit themselves and their communities in return for points which can then be redeemed for unique ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.