Banchory makes bid for Royal Mail box

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Banchory & Mid Deeside councillor Karen Clark and Sir Robert Smith MP are calling on the Royal Mail to install post box facilities in the town.

Following the closure of the Raemoir Road Post Office and removal of the post box from the site last year, residents in North Banchory have been left without a nearby post box facility.

The only Post Office counter now available is located in the Co-Op on the busy High Street. Constituents have raised with Cllr Clark and Sir Robert their concerns that the Co-Op is often too busy and parking can be difficult.

Residents had been told that a replacement post box would be installed on Raemoir Road near Highwood. However, Royal Mail has now said a new post box is not warranted.

Sir Robert said: “Businesses and families in Banchory need to have good access to local Royal Mail and Post Office services.

‘‘The closure of the Raemoir Road Post Offices has meant that residents in North Banchory are without a local post box and have to rely on the often very busy Co-Op Post Office desk.

“Residents have said that at Christmas post boxes in the town were overflowing and they experienced long queues at the Co-Op. Clearly, there is a demand for more facilities which will only increase as Banchory grows.

“I have written to Royal Mail to pass on the concerns that have been raised and to urge them to install a new post box in the area in line with residents’ wishes. I will also continue to work with Post Office Ltd to see if a site can be secured for a new office.”

Cllr Karen Clark has also taken action on the lcak of replacement post box.

She said: “This is hugely disappointing and that is why I am joining forces with the local MP Sir Robert Smith to put pressure on Royal Mail to try harder and ensure the people living in the north of the town have access to a post box and indeed a Post Office service which is sorely missed after the closure of the Raemoir Post Office.

“This area of Banchory is fast expanding. The local population has increased by 30% in recent years and there are more than 300 new houses planned at Hill of Banchory north in the next few years so people here deserve a better service.”

Postal services are currently available at the Co-op on Banchory High Street between 9am and 5.30pm six days a week.