Bat Girl Gets Rescued

Rangers from the National Trust for Scotland were called to the rescue when the bat signal was sent up from Drum Castle.

The rangers arrived in time to save a young female Common Pipistrelle bat who had got trapped inside the castle.

Although the attics of Drum Castle is where Pipistrelle and Long-Eared bats have their maternity roost, and the Old Tower is where they hibernate, it is very unusual for them to find their way inside the main section of the Castle.

This little bat had somehow managed to get lost and ended up trapped at the top of a spiral stair.

A spokesperson from the NTS Ranger said: “The bat was a bit dusty, but we carefully placed her in a suitable container. She was then rehydrated with water which she delicately lapped from a tiny brush.

“After being checked for injuries she was carefully placed on the courtyard wall of Drum Castle in the evening when it was cooler.

“Quite quickly she started to climb the wall and we were delighted when she took wing and flew away back to her companions in their roost.

“It is very important if people find bats not to touch them or interfere with them in any way.

“We specifically train our team in how to handle bats safely.”

Drum Property Manager Dr Alison Burke said:

“We love all our visitors to Drum Castle, but this little bat was definitely one of the cutest visitors we have ever had.

“I was so relieved that she survived her experience and will now be with her fellow bats and back in the attics where she belongs.”