Broadband boost for Glen Tanar area

Householders, businesses and community groups in Glen Tanar on Royal Deeside are reaping the benefits of faster broadband services thanks to a £10,336 grant from the Cairngorms EU Leader Project.

Broadband Enabling Technology (BET), which provides broadband services to locations which have no connection or limited speeds because of their distance from the exchange, has been installed at eleven locations across the glen.

The project to transform the rural area from a ‘not spot’ into a ‘hot spot’ has been facilitated by Glen Tanar Estate, which led the funding application.

Estate owner Michael Bruce says local residents and businesses felt it was vitally important to gain access to a service which the majority of the country takes for granted.

“Prior to this new technology being installed the broadband service to Glen Tanar was slower and broke down more frequently,” he said.

“We now have a service which allows the community to stay better connected with family, friends, customers and suppliers. Having a more reliable and faster service has been of huge benefit.

“Good internet connections are a vital lifeline for rural businesses and residents alike. This investment will support jobs and social development for some time to come, and we are extremely grateful to the Cairngorm EU Leader Project for helping this to happen.”

Each installation was supported by EU Leader funding and also by a contribution from each user who is benefiting from the BET 2MB service.

The neighbouring Ballogie Estate also ran a parallel project which has enabled an additional eight BET installations to take place, and combined with the Glen Tanar installations, supported investment in the new technology in the Aboyne telephone exchange by BT Openreach.