Chinese tourists set to rename Balmoral


The Cairngorms national park and the Royal Family’s favourite Scottish residence are to be renamed as part of a new tourism campaign.

Balmoral Castle and Estate on Royal Deeside, and Scotland’s largest national park, are two of the 23 Scottish attractions that are to be given Mandarin names by the Chinese as part of VisitBritain’s new ‘GREAT names for GREAT Britain’ campaign.

In China, it is popular to give favourite locations, things and even celebrities names that are a literal description of what people think of them.

The tourism campaign will invite prospective Chinese visitors to the UK to come up with the most fitting, memorable or amusing Mandarin names for some of the country’s best-loved places, events and products.

Scotland’s famous Loch Ness Monster is included in the list, as are key events, such as The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and The Highland Games.

Duncan Bryden, convener, Cairngorms National Park Authority, said: “The name of the park comes from the Gaelic for blue mountain so perhaps the Chinese name will mean something similar, but with native forests, sparkling lochs and distinctive wildlife there’s plenty of inspiration for something different.”

The complete list of attractions throughout the whole of the UK which feature in the new £1.6m tourism campaign was revealed last Friday on VisitBritain’s Chinese social media platforms (Weibo/WeChat). Over the course of 10 weeks, these will be released in weekly groups of 10 with the first batch covering points of interest with a royal connection.

Perceptions of Britain in China have significantly improved over the last year.

Britain is riding high in perceptions across a number of categories and Chinese aspirations to visit our country if ‘money was no object’ have climbed into the top four for the first time