It’s a ‘rum’ day for Banchory...

RUM: Dark Matter hope to be producing by October
RUM: Dark Matter hope to be producing by October

Banchory is set to become the first and indeed only town in Scotland which can claim to have its very own rum distillery.

Scotland is known throughout the world as the home of whisky, but Dark Matter Distillers have the pioneer’s spirit for innovation.

Jim Ewen, of Dark Matter, said: “There are probably numerous factors nobody has built a rum distillery here before.

“Scotland has a global reputation for whisky so there’s probably been a mental block of sorts; ‘that’s the way it’s always been’

“The analogous mindset with rum is that everyone automatically associates its production with the Caribbean so that’s where the train of thought stops.

“We want to create fantastic, contemporary, innovative rum that isn’t afraid to say it’s Scottish. If we can still say that five years from now then that to me would be success.”

Jim said Banchory was an obvious choice for Dark Matter for a number of reasons: “It gave us access to a perfect greenfield development site right next to the local biomass energy centre, thus allowing us to access renewable energy at low cost.

“The site developers where we’re building were hugely enthusiastic about the idea of a distillery in Banchory so supported us completely in planning and building there.”

Dark Matter Distillers will be the first true producer of rum in this country as they will be fermenting and distilling in a purpose built distillery.

The climatic conditions of Scotland and seasonal temperature variations mean that, over time, the cask-matured rum will develop ever more complex flavours.

Jim said: “We’ve cast off the olde worlde “pirates and parrots” approach surrounding the incumbent rum brands and aren’t afraid to stand apart by bringing our products into the 21st century.

‘‘If that sacrifices traditionalists then so be it.”