Catwoman to jump from plane

Liz Robinson, with Poppy (left) and Perry (right)
Liz Robinson, with Poppy (left) and Perry (right)

The Deesider who swam with tiger sharks to raise money for disadvantaged cats two years ago is now set to throw herself out of a plane.

Liz Robertson, who is the Co-ordinator of Deeside Cats Protection, based in Dinnet, is all set to skydive in September to raise money for her branch.

She said: “I’m terrified of heights but I’m willing to give anything a go for my cats on Deeside.

“I recently had to go up a ladder to rescue a litter of feral kittens whose mother had been hit by a car - it was about 20 feet up and I felt really wobbly at the top, but I saw five little faces looking up at me and I had to get them down.”

Liz says that most of the funds are going towards the upkeep of the van.

“It’s our biggest expense,” she explained, “simply because of the area we’re in.

“We’ve got to get the van up farm tracks and around wobbly terrain.

“It’s not a four-by-four, so the travelling does take its toll on the suspension - and we need it, so most of the money raised will go to repairs.”

Liz recieves phonecalls day and night to take the van around Deeside trapping ferals, relocating them and rescuing poorly cats.

In 2013 Liz swam with sand sharks at Deep Sea World in Edinburgh, and raised over £1000 in sponsorship.

Sand sharks are more commonly known as tiger sharks, and can grow to three metres long and weigh up to 200kgs.

She said: “Swimming with sharks was fine, the water that they actually live in was what scared me.

“I really don’t like deep water.”

This year’s skydive will take place on September 4, on World Animal Day at Errol airfield.

To sponsor Liz, and support the work her and her team do to help cats on Deeside, go to:

20 years ago, Aberdeen Cats Protection League - as it was then known - were calling out for volunteers to take on Deeside and form a new branch of the League.

Whatever incarnation of Cats Protection that resulted in disbanded about 12 years ago, and four years later, Liz Robertson went to a Cats Protection event with the intention of doing some fostering.

She somehow became the Co-ordinator, running a new Deeside Cats Protection out of her garden in deepest Dinnet, every couple of years defying primeval fears to raise money for the branch.