Committee backs plans for 60 new Inchmarlo homes

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  • Development centred around Inchmarlo House
  • Plans for 60 new homes
  • Marr Area Committee saw “very detailed” masterplan

An extension to Inchmarlo Continuing Care Community has taken the next step after it was approved at a meeting of the Marr area committee.

The masterplan for up to 60 houses at Inchmarlo, on a phased basis, met with approval at the meeting on Tuesday, March 31. However, councillors rejected proposals for additional “aspirational” measures submitted within the masterplan.

Generally we accepted the layout and approach.

Cllr Karen Clark

The development centres around the B Listed Inchmarlo House, which was converted into a care home in 1987.

Cllr Karen Clark said: “The Masterplan was very detailed. We acknowledged that this was a very different kind of Masterplan and had to be flexible owing to the nature of the changing demographic and legislative pressures for assisted living and care homes.

“Generally, we accepted the layout and approach for the siting of the 60 houses which are already allocated in the Local Development Plan. The key consideration was that the planned new houses do not have any significant impact on the historic Inchmarlo House or the surrounding landscape and committee members were content with this. One of the issues when a specific planning application comes forward will be drainage and the potential impact on the River Dee but this will be subject to scrutiny in future applications.

“There are further plans for expansion outlined in the Masterplan for future developments on the site, beyond what is in the Local Development Plan, but members felt these were aspirational at this stage and were not considered in any detail.

‘‘The masterplan provided an overview of the history of Inchmarlo House and how the estate has evolved over the years, putting the site into its local context and identifying relevant local and national planning guidance.

‘‘The homes would include private homes within the wider care community for those who want independence and their own small patch of garden to care fore, as well as some slightly larger detached dwellings.

‘‘Technical issues were also raised in the Inchmarlo Masterplan regarding drainage and the provision of suitable vehicular access on one of the sites (site H), however it was felt that these problems were not insurmountable. According to the plan “drainage and potential impact on the River Dee SAC is a concern for development on this site, but this shall be addressed fully in subequent planning applications.”

The plan states that it will “provide a mix of size and type of dwelling, which will cater for all levels of people requiring a home with the care community.”

It goes on to say that “none of the three sites are considered to impact on the historic fabric of Inchmarlo House or the Designed Landscape and Garden.”

It was found that no staffing or financial implications arose from the report.

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