Crathes calls for fundraising whiz to help out

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Crathes Hall Committee is on the lookout for a local resident who can help the popular venue with fundraising activities and grant applications.

The committee is aiming to make the hall more attractive to users, including the residents of the 45 new houses at Crathes.

The busy hall suffers from dampness and condensation, so the priority is to improve the insulation and heating and make the hall more suitable for a range of activities.

As well as regular recreational activities including as cycling, boxercise and children’s football, the hall hosts cultural activities such as plays and ceilidhs as well as many private parties and the monthly Crathes ‘Fly’, which is an opportunity for those in the community to come together over a cup of tea and a fine piece.

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Nicola Chambury of the Crathes Hall committee on 01330 844532 or email