Inspectors report school improvements at Finzean

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A report published this week by Education Scotland has outlined changes made for the continued improvement of Finzean School.

HM Inspectors published a letter in February 2014 following a visit to Finzean School and Ballogie Nursery, which stated that improvements must be made.

In the latest report, published yesterday (Wednesday), inspectors described having spoken to the headteacher and other staff members about the changes which have since been implemented.

The report states: “We looked at particular areas that had been identified in the original inspection and at other aspects of the school’s work, as proposed by the headteacher.

‘‘As a result, we were able to find out how well children are now learning and achieving and how the school is continuing to support them to do their best.”

Inspectors found that children at the nursery continued to learn and achieve well, while at primary stage they said that although improvements had been made, “levels of achievement could be much higher.”

Some of the reportedchanges included children now enjoying planned learning outdoors and working more frequently in pairs and groups.

The report states: “Children are now beginning to be more involved in planning their own learning. There is scope to develop these approaches further to focus more on next steps for their learning.

‘‘Children are learning through a broader range of activities, including community projects such as the ‘Harvest Assembly.’”

Inspectors reported that Ballogie Nursery was continuing to improve approaches to identifying and supporting children with additional support needs.

However, it was recommended that staff continue to ensure that tasks are at an appropriate level of challenge for all children and approaches to planning children’s learning could improve.