Councillors outraged after vandals target beauty spot


Local councillors are outraged after litter and the remains of a fire were discovered at the summit of a Deeside beauty spot.

Police were contacted after a walker stumbled upon a “horrendous mess” at the top of Scolty Hill last Sunday, June 22.

An anonymous message was sent to councillors on Sunday alerting them to the vandalism of an area of Deeside countryside.

Cllr Karen Clark said: “It is a horrendous mess and people should be ashamed of themselves for spoiling our beautiful landscape in this selfish way.

‘‘Scolty Hill is valued by the local community.

‘‘I am sure they will be upset to see this kind of antisocial behaviour which has such a detrimental impact on the environment.”

Locals have expressed their shock that the local landmark has been treated in such a way.

Police in Banchory are currently investigating the matter.

Scolty Hill is owned by Ron Middleton of Ardlair, Banchory, with forests on the lower slopes owned by the Forestry Commission.

The paths, regularly used by walkers, are owned by the Banchory Paths Association.

Tony Brown, chair of the Association, said: “It is sickening to see the total disregard shown for a favourite and beautiful place for Deeside people.

‘‘Those who cause such ugliness have very ugly minds.

“I ask that everyone who visits the hill leaves with at least one piece of rubbish taken to the nearest rubbish bin and I will see what else can be done to restore the area.”