Flood damaged Ballater book and gift store to reopen

Deeside Books and Gifts was damaged when Storm Frank hit in 2015
Deeside Books and Gifts was damaged when Storm Frank hit in 2015

A book and gift shop in Ballater which was damaged by Storm Frank is planning on reopening this weekend.

Deeside Books and Gifts is once again opening its doors after a 14 month period of extensive refurbishment due to the storm at the end of 2015.

Deeside Books and Gifts is reopening after a 14 month period of refurbishment

Deeside Books and Gifts is reopening after a 14 month period of refurbishment

Owners Bryn and Marilyn Wayte have taken the opportunity to transform the original layout of the premises and the shop has now been totally reorganised with a new frontage and separate access for each side of the business. They plan on opening the shop on Saturday (February 25).

Bryn and Marilyn are also pleased to announce that their granddaughter, Megan Taylor, will be coming into the business and will be running the gift shop side of the enterprise.

Bryn said: “Megan is very enthusiastic and has some new ideas for the up and coming future.”

Deeside Books and Gifts, like so many other businesses and homes in the area, was damaged when Storm Frank hit the North-east on December 30, 2015.

Bryn said: “At about 10.35am water started coming in the shop. By 10.55am the water was up to about my waist.

“In that 15 to 20 minutes the card stands were floating about and things were toppling over. It was so rapid. I wasn’t able to save much in the way of stock that was at the lower levels.

”After that 20 minute period it was a life-threatening decision to abandon what was in the shop and go upstairs.

“Things were floating about in the shop, which was dangerous. We took the dogs and sat it out upstairs.

“The water started going down in the evening. Fortunately, the power came back on in the late afternoon. However, it wasn’t until the next day when we could go downstairs.

“We are still in the process of organising and collating our remaining stock on the out of print book side of the business and this will probably be on-going for some months.

“We lost more than 8000 books in the flood and it will be a while before we have everything in place again.

“However, we intend to replenish the new books and maps as quickly as possible and we have already replenished much of the internet side of the business.

“We also lost a lot of our stock on the gift side of the business but Megan intends to revamp this side as we go along. Please spread the word and join us to celebrate the reopening of our shop.”

Owners and staff are looking forward to the re-opening and welcoming our customers, both regular and new.

They are inviting people from 11am on Saturday when soft drinks and nibbles will be available.

If you spend £5 or over you will be in with a chance of winning a book/gift voucher. The draw for the prizes will take place at 4pm on Saturday.

For the most up to date information please follow them on Facebook at ‘Deeside Books’ and ‘Deeside Gifts’.