Donside mum hosts sale to fufill husband’s dying wish

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A Donside mother is hoping a Tullynessle fundraiser will generate the support required to fulfill her late husband’s wish.

Lisa Moir, of Alford, is mother to five year-old Stuart, who suffers from autism and requires special treatment to eradicate his behaviour.

In November 2012, Lisa’s husband passed away, but not before outlining his wish that his son had the opportunity to attend a specialist clinic in London to help him receive the treatment he needs.

Lisa said: “The progression in Stuart since attending the Parent Infant Clinic is indescribable, but the funds that were left by his father are now obsolete.

“Follow up treatment at the clinic consist of two full day programmes which cost £1000 per day and thats without mentioning the extra cost of travelling, accommodation and such.

‘‘However, this treatment is vital to Stuart’s ongoing development and so much is needed to be done to keep fundraising in order to raise the funds to keep him attending this clinic.”

Owing to the cost of Stuart’s treatment, the Donside pair have lost their family home of 13 years.

The house, in Alford, is the only place Stuart knows.

Lisa is hoping that an indoor car boot sale at Tullynessle Hall will both help raise funds and relieve them of items such as toys, which they now have to clear out of their home.

She said: “We are looking at homelessness as the council do not have any properties available in the Alford Area at present and we need to remain here as this is where my son’s support network is.

“This is how this particular fundraiser came about as Stuart still requires his treatment at the clinic and we need to start getting the property ready for moving so I thought of combining the two.”

The indoor sale will be held on Saturday, January 17, from 11am to 4pm at Tullynessle Hall.

Burgers, hotdogs and drinks will be on sale.