Members fear end is nigh for Torphins CC

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  • Torphins Community Council needs you!
  • Call for new members after spate of resignations
  • Hopes for younger representation on the committee

The four remaining members of Torphins Community Council fear this could be the end for the organisation unless new recruits can be found.

At their meeting on March 5, community councillors heard it was on the brink of folding as they did not have sufficient members to continue their good work in the local area.

Torphins Community Council has not folded, it is only in temporary hibernation.

Eric Day, Community Councillor

After two months of advertising vacant positions, the remaining members are still looking for eight new volunteers to get involved in order to keep the valuable community council going.

However, Torphins community councillor Eric Day said: “Torphins Community Council has not folded. It is only in temporary hibernation.

“At present we only have four members and we need to recruit a few more.”

Another remaining member, Norman Morrice, said: “I believe that the community council plays an important part in making improvements, for the community as a whole.

“Many are small issues but equally important such as road surface problems, speeding, parking, recycling, the play park or any other concern identified or highlighted by the public relating to Torphins, Tornaveen and the Glassel areas.”

The opportunity exists at the monthly meetings to raise any issue for discussion, with local councillors normally present to take points on board.

The council also have the opportunity to review and comment on planning applications within the Torphins, Tornaveen, and Glassel areas which can affect everyone or just a few depending on the proposal.

The carol singing, plant boxes and Christmas decorations have been organised and funded through the community council’s efforts and this adds to the community spirit and the many local family’s enjoyment.

Mr Morrice said: “It would be extremely sad to see the council fold due to lack of support. There are 11 evening meetings throughout the year and they average one-and-a-half hours at most and it seems a small price to pay to support these.

“Torphins, Tornaveen and Glassel are all expanding areas for the next generation and it would be fantastic to have a younger representation on the committee to give their view point. Unfortunately there has been a recent spate of resignations from council members who have served long terms, which has left us without a quorum.’’