Mystical Mutt visits Banchory Library

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Primary 1 pupils from Banchory got a special treat this week as children’s authors Lyn McNicol and Laura Jackson brought along their ‘Mystical Mutt’ Badger for a visit.

Laura introduced Badger to the group of youngsters as the fluffy canine shook his tail and patted the teachers heads to roars of cheers and laughter.

Laura then told the pupils all about badger as he left to go and have some lunch before reading chapters from the from the first book.

The kids were also asked to come up with some questions for badger while he was away eating his lunch.

Badger: The Mystical Mutt is a series of illustrated children’s stories for 5 - 8 year olds, addressing issues such as bullying, disability and prejudice.

Before turning their hands to writing children’s books Lyn McNicol was a BBC Children’s publicist whilst Laura Jackson worked creatively as an artist with a variety of organizations for severely disabled children and adults.

McNicol is originally from Ayrshire and Jackson hails from Liverpool.

Both now live in Glasgow with Badger, a 6ft dog who likes to accompany them to all their book appearances and visits.