New leaflet to explain Culter’s St Peter statue

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A group of Culter volunteers have completed one of their most ambitious projects - an explanatory leaflet regarding the St Peter statue at the village’s western entrance.

Culter in Bloom have not only planted thousands of flowers, shrubs and trees around the village environs, but have created several ‘set pieces’ as well.

The most noticeable was the large metal sculpture representing the head of the village’s patron saint, St Peter, sited at the western entrance to the community on the Rob Roy bridge.

The statue, now floodlit and surrounded by recent plantings on North Deeside Road, was designed by landscape designer Ian Anderson, now living in Maryculter but who grew up in Cults.

Many visitors have asked about the various references to the area apparent in the design.

They can now find answers to their questions in the new leaflets, recently installed at the site by volunteer Sandy Cook on behalf of Culter Bloom.

The volunteers are now embarked on their 2015 planting projects, with wildflowers being sown along Culter’s old railway platform and at the bottom of the Kennerty Road.

In addition, another ambitious project which has begun to take shape is the planting of an entire orchard of fruit trees - all fruit to be available to local residents - at the top of Millside Road on its junction with North Deeside Road.