New signs to target dog poo culprits

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Aberdeenshire Council’s lat-est initiative to combat dog

owners who don’t clean up af-ter their pets has seen a mixed reaction from local residents.

Eyecatching signs emblazened with the word ‘WANTED’ in large red letters state “Information leading to identification of the person who is allowing a dog to foul this area and does not clean it up” before promising a reward of ‘clean feet’ to anyone who can help catch the culprits.

Spotted at locations across Aberdeenshire, the signs have been hailed as a “great” idea by some Deeside residents, while others have suggested that bringing back the Dog Licence at £50 per year would be a better means of tackling the messy problem.

After posting an image of one of the new signs on Facebook, the Piper was inundated with comments from local readers, many of whom supported the campaign.

Scott Reid said: “Let’s have them in Banchory. Fed up of telling my five-year-old daughter to watch where she is standing. I walk three dogs and I sometimes come back with six bags. Imagine the mess after a week if I just left it on the ground!”

However, Gordon Brodie did not think the new signs would help fight fouling: “Waste of time and money if you ask me. It’ll also be a fine way for people who have gripe with a legitimate poop scooping dog owner to cause some trouble.”

We also asked readers whether they would report someone who did not clean up after their dog.

Kim Falconer Stewart said: “I have informed dog owners to pick up their mess and have handed them a bag to pick it up with. Yes, I would report them if they did not pick it up, Most dog owners are responsible and others need to be reported.”

Keiron Shatwell said: “Given someone keeps leaving their little baggies on my doorstep and can’t even be bothered to put it in the council supplied bin just at the end of the path I would definitely turn them in.”

Local resident Sarah Love said she thought there might be an alternative way to report dog fouling incidents. She commented:” I’d rather see a warden patrolling, handing out fines to offenders to be honest. Railway line in Aboyne is disgusting at the moment with piles of dog poop.”

Would you call the phone number provided and report an offender? Let us know at