Paranormal investigators to visit Braemar

Braemar Castle.
Braemar Castle.

The phantom piper and the “Black Colonel” are just some of the spooky spirits said to haunt Royal Deeside’s Braemar Castle.

Following numerous reports of things that go bump in the night, a professional team pf paranormal investigators is to visit the historic castle this weekend to lead a public ghost hunt.

Janice Murdoch-Richards and her husband, owners of Glasgow-based Lanarkshire Paranormal, will spend the night in community-run Braemar Castle this Saturday, April 25, for their first investigation of the site.

Members of the public (aged 18 and over) are invited to seek out the spooks alongside the team, with all money raised going towards the castle.

Built in 1628 by John Erskine, 18th Earl of Mar, the castle has a rich history including acting as an important garrison after the 1745 Jacobite Rising and hosting the famous Gathering in its grounds.

Braemar is reportedly haunted by a newly married bride, whose lord went hunting without her the morning after their wedding night. Convinced that he must have abandoned her, she leapt off the battlements to her death. Her ghost now appears to others, over 200 years later, not wanting them to make the same mistake.

John Farquharson, the Black Colonel of Inverey, has also been sighted in certain rooms. Visitors to the castle have reported seeing his outline on the four poster bed and the scent of his tobacco is said to linger in some of the rooms.

A phantom piper walks the back corridor at Braemar, with a clash of steel sometimes heard on the staircase. The cries of a young baby he is said to have murdered have also been heard ringing out at the site.

Tickets for Lanarkshire Paranormal’s investigation of Braemar Castle cost £30 and are available to buy by calling 07792 559 699 Mon-Fridat 5pm to 10pm or email The event is from 9pm to 3am.