Alford mum in allergy charity boost

Nicola Salter with son Ryley
Nicola Salter with son Ryley

An Alford mother has been running 10k a day during the last month to raise funds for a charity supporting people at risk of severe allergies.

Nicola Salter found out last November the extent of her son Ryley’s allergy to peanuts.

The family already knew the four-year-old had multiple food allergies but the news he has anaphylaxis still came as a shock.

Nicola, 34, was covering 10k each day to raise awareness of the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Her target is £1700.

She told the Piper: “This diagnosis really shook our world.

“To find out there is anything medically wrong with your child is heartbreaking, but also to find out it’s life-threatening and that there is no current cure, that he will have this condition forever, it honestly broke me and is the hardest thing to-date that I’ve had to encounter as a parent.”

Nicola added: “We had to quickly find a new safe way of living. We now carry adrenaline pens with us wherever we go and have to thoroughly check each and every food label, this has become our normal, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.”

She discovered the Anaphylaxis Campaign and has welcomed the knowledge and advice on how to cope with the condition.

“The work they do is just incredible and I would love to be able to give something back to them, especially since they are behind the research for immunotherapy,” the mum said.

Nicola has teamed up with the special challenge 12 in 12 and asked if it would include the campaign as one of its charities.

Donations to Nicola’s fundraising can be made at