Antiques Roadshow surprise for Jeanne

The Antiques Roadshow with Fiona Bruce filmed at Crathes in July
The Antiques Roadshow with Fiona Bruce filmed at Crathes in July

The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow visit to Crathes Castle caught a Piper reader by surprise.

When the programme was broadcast recently, presenter Fiona Bruce ended by holding up a lacrosse stick bearing a humorous nickname.

And viewer Jeanne Booth (formerly Adamson) realised it used to belong to her.

Jeanne hadn’t seen the stick since putting it up for auction in Aberdeen around 35 years ago.

Much to Fiona’s amusement were the words ‘Cranium Crusher’, which were written on the stick under Jeanne’s name.

The former owner told the Piper: “I was enthralled by the Antiques Roadshow from Crathes Castle.

“To my enormous surprise Fiona Bruce finished the program with my old lacrosse stick which I had not seen since I put it to Milne’s Auction House in Aberdeen some 35 years ago.”

Jeanne, who lives in Aberdeen, added: “As a teenager I went to boarding school in Yorkshire where we had to play the ferocious sport of lacrosse.

“What particularly amused Fiona was that under my name on the stick were the words ‘Cranium Crusher’ written by my humorous father.

“I would love to hear from the current owner of the stick and wonder if it is still used on the playing field!”

The roadshow was filmed at Crathes in beautiful weather last summer.

Fiona Bruce was joined by a team of experts in July to offer free advice and valuations to visitors bearing family heirlooms and collectables.

The National Trust for Scotland’s operations manager, James Henderson, said prior to the programme being screened: “It was a fabulous day out for everyone involved and the weather could not have been better.

“The range of items that people brought to Crathes was both fascinating and surprising.”