Brownies remember the fallen

The Pebbles of Remembrance made by 2nd Banchory Brownies
The Pebbles of Remembrance made by 2nd Banchory Brownies

Banchory Brownies are paying their own tribute to the fallen in World War 1, as centenary commemorations draw to a close.

The youngsters have painted 51 special ‘Poppy Pebbles’, each with the name of someone from the town who died in the conflict.

Members of 2nd Banchory Brownies have hidden the stones around the community.

Anyone discovering one should take it to the Garden of Remembrance at MacIntosh and Steven Funeral Services, 2 High Street.

One or two pebbles without a name have been placed in the garden to start the collection.

The project has been supported by the local Legion Scotland branch whose officials Alistair Black and Chris Collins discussed it with the group.

The idea originally came from Brownie Guider Helen Richings, from Sheffield.

She posted it on a Girlguiding Brownie Facebook page and suggested that other areas join in.

The Banchory Brownies have been researching the role the Guides played in World War 1.

They practiced some of the skills Guides would have used in remembering important secret messages, using counters to recall phone numbers.

The girls also tried out basic slings in first aid and then completed an obstacle course, in addition to pebble painting.

The stones have been hidden from Crathes Castle estate to Burnett Park and the group hopes it will help people remember those who lost their lives.

Guider Tracey Lethaby said: “This activity has really given the Brownies an understanding of how people pull together and also allowed them time to think about others in our community.

“They were particularly pleased to hear that the Guides got the job of carrying the secret Government messages for MI5.”

She added: “The Brownies were most shocked when we were talking about the ages of the ‘fallen heroes’. I think they had thought of them as being older people but realising that a lot were only 17 definitely surprised them.

“Girlguiding Banchory takes part in the Banchory Remembrance Day Parade and this year, because of this activity, the Brownies will understand more about why they are there.”