Call for action on pothole problem

Potholes on Couper's Road at the Upper Park junction
Potholes on Couper's Road at the Upper Park junction

A Drumoak resident is calling on Aberdeenshire Council to deal with a pothole-ridden country road.

John Bedford wants the local authority to permanently fix the problem before there is an accident on the unclassified Couper’s Road, west of the village.

The road runs between Park Smithy and Flora’s Restaurant with the main pothole issue at the junction of Upper Park.

Mr Bedford lives close to the junction and fears there will be an accident as drivers swerve to avoid the deep holes.

He says the potholes have been there for more than four years and have only ever been temporarily repaired by the local authority.

Mr Bedford, who is retired, explained: “I first reported these holes in November, 2015, and regularly since then.

“They have been repaired at least half a dozen times but every repair they’ve done, I believe, is a cold, temporary repair and they last anything from 24 hours to about three or four weeks.

“When they do get gouged out by vehicles, the oil that’s within that material gets ejected into the water and the rainwater runs down the hill into the drainage ditch and whatever water course that is, and most likely ends up in the Dee.”

The busy road is used by HGVs, making the situation worse.

Mr Bedford added “It’s getting to the point now where it’s a hazard.

“It’s only a matter of time before there’s an accident at the junction.”

He has contacted local councillors over his complaints.

Councillor Sarah Dickinson said: “I supported Mr Bedford’s requests for these potholes to be reassessed which they were and I have highlighted to services that, although classified as a C road, there is high frequency of use of the road by heavy vehicles as well as cars.

“Having to prioritise repairs reflects the reality of having to work within a budget under constant pressure.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “Over the course of the summer both ends of Couper’s Road will be repaired.

“We carried out some temporary repairs to the southern end of the road on Tuesday, June 18.

“Surface dressing is to be carried out on the northern end of the road next month, and once this work is complete we will return to the southern end to carry out full permanent repairs.

“We will continue to monitor the condition of the road.”