Donside community stalwarts call it a day

Retiring community councillors left to right -  Ed Mathers, Ian Law, John Alexander, George Marshall
Retiring community councillors left to right - Ed Mathers, Ian Law, John Alexander, George Marshall

Four Donside community councillors have stepped down after service spanning more than 100 years.

Tributes were paid to Ed Mathers, Ian Law, John Alexander and George Marshall at a recent retirement presentation.

The quartet were praised for having contributed a huge amount behind the scenes, especially to the community of Alford and surrounding areas in which they served.

Community council chair, Nicola Sedgwick, said: “All of them will be sorely missed and we thank them for their commitment to our local area over a vast amount of years.

“We wish them well in retirement and assure them that the remaining members will endeavour to continue their good work.”

Mr Mathers, the representative for Alford, was with the community council for 16 years and held extensive knowledge of the local area and people.

He also concentrated on the Bus Forums, Alford Men’s Shed and had a part to play in the development of the Alford Community Campus.

Mr Marshall was a member for around 20 years on and off.

He served the Lumsden community and was a stalwart in trying to put in measures for traffic calming in the village and communicated between the needs of his community, the council and the community council.

Mr Alexander supported the Glenkindie/Towie area for 40 years, liaising between the community and the community council, playing a huge part in keeping the communication going between rural villages and the wider community.

He, too, played a role in the development of Alford Community Campus as well as many other projects.

Mr Law has been a member since community council inceptions, starting in 1975.

He represented the Insch area, where he lived. for 17 years before moving to Alford where he remained for 26 years before his retirement this year.

Mr Law, from Tullynessle, was also involved in the Alford Community Campus sub-group, flowers for the village and various other projects.

He kept a keen eye on any issues or concerns that local people may have had in Tullynessle.

The retirement tea was hosted by Mr Law’s wife, Liz, and the event was organised by Dorothy Anderson.

Donside Community Council has various vacancies available and anyone interest should get in touch