New club for the digital age

The club is aimed at helping youngsters with digital skills
The club is aimed at helping youngsters with digital skills

A new youth club has been formed in the local area to help youngsters develop modern digital skills.

Cromar Future Group is behind the exciting initiative, which targets those aged from ten years to young adult.

“Everything Electronic” is based at Tarland’s MacRobert Hall from 6.30pm to 8pm every Monday, with the launch on September 17.

The club aims to provide activities for a digital generation - coding, gaming, design, robotics and electronic projects that are both fun and will help the children develop their own digital and electronic abilities.

Future group trustee Lesley Ellis told the Piper: “We are aiming to include all youngsters, those who are specifically looking to developing technical skills, and also those interested in the arts who want to learn how they will work alongside the technical teams.

“For those more interested in robotics, we already have simple programmable robots, but we are investing in “Marty” a robot designed by Dr Alexander Enoch during his Edinburgh doctorate project.”

She added: “We also have a number of electronics projects and a team willing to help youngsters with their own projects.

“Master Classes are part of our plan for tackling issues on which club members want more help.”

The youth club hopes to help its young members create their own “tech-cluster”, capable of tackling and winning coding competitions and developing marketable gaming apps.