New look for local pony club

The revamped training area at the pony club complex
The revamped training area at the pony club complex

A local pony group has completed a major upgrade to its facilities.

Aberdeenshire Pony Club is based on Dunecht Estate and has been in existence since 1932.

The club has been resident in Pony Club House - the old laundry house on the estate - since the 1940s.

It has been fundraising over recent years and with the help of volunteers and the Community Payback Scheme has transformed the ageing building.

District commissioner for the Pony Club’s Aberdeenshire branch, Pamela Charles said: “The old house has gone through a major revamp.

“We have fundraised over the last few years and with the assistance of the community scheme we have renovated this tired old clubhouse into something much more user-friendly. “We have had support from the estate and materials from Breedon Aggregates.”

A recent open event was held specifically to promote the club for non-riding members.

It was targeted at children who don’t own their own pony, or maybe get a lesson once a week.

Pamela said: “The non-riding membership is aimed at the education of children, to show them what is required to be a good pony/horse owner.

“Also achievement badges can be aimed for, and children can learn about poisonous plants, first aid, farming. Pony club is a great learning platform and confidence giver.”

The Pony Club itself is celebrating its 90th birthday this year.