Physio Sheila (89) stays in practice

A Banchory woman has proved that age is no issue when it comes to hard work.

Sheila Ferres still rises at 5am every day to go to work as a painter and physiotherapist.

Now as she approaches her 90th birthday, Sheila has told the Piper a bit about her life, her work and her sponsorship a very good cause.

Born Sheila Bennet on May 3, 1923, in the West Yorkshire town of Heaton, it wouldn’t be for 40 years that she moved to Deeside.

Sheila said: “I moved up in 1963 when my husband retired. I’ve only been here the past 50 years. My husband was a Scot so he wanted to come back home for the golf, fishing and shooting.”

Since Mrs Ferres had qualified as a physiotherapist at Kent Naval Hospital during the Second World War, she set up her own practice at home.

“I’m onto my fourth generation of patients now!,” she said.

She added that there had been “tremendous” change in the town since she had moved up: “Oh its totally different now.

‘‘The change has been tremendous, especially in the last 20 years. It was a village back then and now its a large town.”

For her upcoming birthday, Sheila has said she doesn’t want any gifts and asked instead for donations to the Forget-me-not dementia charity.