Police in Torphins to caution drivers

POLICE have been called to Torphins repeatedly, following reports of anti-social driving in the village.

But members of Torphins Community Council heard that officers are unable to do anything unless the incident is ongoing when they arrive at the scene.

Ten drivers have been spoken to recently and one has been charged, members heard at there recent meeting. Unmarked traffic units and speed detection radars have also been in the village, with police pledging to return as often as they can.

Anyone witnessing anti-social driving is urged to note as many details as they can, including date, time and registration number, in order for the police to follow up incidents.

Incidents should be reported to 0845 600 5 700.

Aberdeenshire Council has also been monitoring speed in order to gather information from around Aberdeenshire.

On May 14, a "Young Driver Roadshow" took place in Banchory aimed at educating and informing young drivers of correct driving procedures and vehicle maintenance. There was a good response with, at one point, over 40 cars from around the area attending.

Operation Zenith is also underway, targeting motorbike riders and educating them in safety. Yellow signs can be seen around the area, particularly at weekends, highlighting danger areas to riders and urging them to take care.

Chairman, Denis Christie, expressed much sorrow on behalf of Torphins Community Council at the tragic death of local teenager, Mark Scott, on May 29. The crash on the A980 is still the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

Meanwhile, the friends of Mark Scott are fundraising and wish to have some sort of memorial to him, possibly a bench. Members were all in favour of this and they hope a suitable public place can be found.