Police take kids to school on RTCs

RTC: Officers investigate
RTC: Officers investigate

Pupils from Deeside and Donside attended a special lecture regarding road traffic collisions at the University of Aberdeen last week.

Dr Jen Scott of the university and Marco Venturini of Police Scotland hosted an introduction to the practical mathematics used by collision investigators.

The series provides an outline of what an investigator looks for at an accident scene and how they use maths to calculate the speed of vehicles involved in a collision.

TechFest host the last event in the series, which is run in partnership with The Royal Institution and sponsored by Chevron, at the University of Aberdeen’s MacRobert Building.

The students from Westhill, Aboyne, Cults, Alford and Banchory Academies were then taken outside for a demonstration of a police car skidding, taking measurements at the scene and calculating the speed the car was travelling before the brakes were applied.

The Maths Masterclasses 2014/2015 series has run since November providing an opportunity for youngsters to experience different real world mathematics topics and hear from professionals who are passionate about the subject.

More than 50 pupils from 15 local schools have taken part in the presentations and practical workshops, ranging from ‘The Physics of Blood Splatter’ to ‘Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?’.

Lyndy Donaldson from TechFest said: “This year’s series of Maths Masterclasses have been hugely insightful and enjoyed by all the youngsters who have attended.

“The workshops and presentations show how maths is important in many aspects of everyday life.

“This year’s presenters have not only demonstrated this importance but have also interacted with the pupils in a fun and motivating way.

Through a programme of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities – of which TechFest In September is the main event – TechFest’s aim is to engage, challenge, inform and inspire young people and encourage them to choose a career which utilises these skills.