Burnett storms to victory

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Scottish Conservative candidate Alexander Burnett has claimed victory in Aberdeenshire West.

It is a historic win for the party as it is the first time that a Conservative candidate has held the seat.

Mr Burnett gained 13,400 votes while the SNP were a close second with 12,500 votes.

The result is also a massive change from the 2011 election, where SNP candidate Dennis Robertson won with 12,186 votes while the Conservative candidate Nanette Milne came third with just 6,027 votes.

Speaking to the Piper following his win, Mr Burnett said: “I am very elated, and it is quite humbling to know that over 13,000 people voted for you and put their confidence in you.

“I had the privilage of being second on the list but I wasn’t just going to sit back and wait on the national vote, the constituency was there and was available for the winning.”

He added: “To those who voted for me, I look forward to representing you and standing up for you.”

Shortly after his win was announced, Mr Burnett had a phone call with his father who was unaware of the result.

He said: “My dad thought I was talking about the regional vote, he has done his share of the work and deserves some of the credit.”