Community consulted on 20 mph zones

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A local councillor is calling on community and parent councils for their views on whether village speed limits should be lowered to 20 mph.

Aboyne and Upper Deeside councillor Geva Blackett will speak to parents, residents and community councillors to establish whether they would like a consultation on the matter by Aberdeenshire Council. This would give parents in Aberdeenshire an opportunity to have their say on speed limits in residential areas.

Cllr. Blackett said: “I am repeatedly asked by parents in my Ward if they can have 20 mph limits not just in the immediate vicinity of the school but along walking/cycling routes as well and until now the answer from Roads has always been no.

“Lumphanan school is an example as a main road divides the village.”

Cllr. Blackett’s consulation within her ward will aim to find out whether there are any villages where feeling in favour of a lower limit is particularly strong.

New guidance on implementing 20 mph speed restrictions was published by the Scottish Government last week. This Good Practice Guide is intended to encourage local authorities to introduce 20 mph zones near schools, in residential areas and in other areas where there is a significant volume of pedestrian or cyclist activity.

Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport & Islands said:“The Scottish Government is committed to creating a healthier, greener and safer Scotland and believes that the introduction of 20 miles per hour (mph) restrictions can help to contribute to all these objectives.

“By reducing speed on our roads we can create a safer environment, encouraging people to make active travel choices.”