Donaldson claims victory in West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine

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The results are in for the General Election and with them, a new MP takes office in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine (WAK).

Stuart Donaldson claimed victory for his party by securing 22, 949 votes out of over 55,000 votes cast, with WAK seeing a turnout of 75.2%, over 10% higher than the 2010 turnout.

Upon hearing the result, the 23 year old son of Maureen Watt SNP MSP thanked Sir Robert Smith for his time as Member of Parliament and thanked his campaign team for their work and the staff of the returning officer for their diligence.

Mr Donaldson assured constituents that no matter what way they voted he would represent their interests in Westminster.

The other candidates in turn congratulated Mr Donaldson.

Sir Robert Smith had previously held the seat since the constituency’s creation in 1997. He gave his speech of parting with the humble and accepting air with which he has spent the last 18 years representing WAK.

Sir Robert’s party, the Liberal Democrats have virtually been wiped out in this election.

Conversely the SNP have made colossal gains in Scotland.