HSCHT’s ‘housing needs’ survey continues in Braemar


The Highland Small Communities Trust (HSCHT) has been undertaking a housing needs survey across residents and businesses in Braemar.

The HSCHT have been commissioned by the Braemar Housing subgroup as part of the Community Action Plan which is trying to get a full understanding of the housing needs within Braemar before it embarks on any local initiatives.

The Trust can arrange a housing survey and/or one to one confidential surgeries in communities, to quantify the level of housing needed.

A report with the main findings is then produced for the community.

Nick Mardell, of the Cairngorms National Park, said: “The survey response has been positive so far but we would encourage more people to return the form if they haven’t already done so.

‘‘The better the response the more likely the housing group are able to work with the different agencies to meet the needs of Braemar.

‘‘We would encourage you to return your form to the The Highland Small Communities Trust who are dealing with all the information in an independent and strictly confidential manner. The deadline is the December 15.”