MSP welcomes new polling evidence of local Yes support

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Aberdeenshire West MSP Dennis Robertson has welcomed new polling evidence showing ‘Yes’ taking the lead in the North-east.

The poll, which was published by a Sunday newspaper on August 3, indicated that voters were increasingly moving towards the Yes Campaign in this area.

The results of the Survation Poll showed 48.6% of respondents backing independence, 39.8% against and 11.6% undecided.

Mr Robertson said: “Speaking to people on the doorsteps across Aberdeenshire West in recent weeks, I have been delighted with the strong support for a Yes vote from local people - it’s becoming increasingly clear that when people hear about the opportunities of independence, they move to Yes.

“That Yes is now taking the lead is no surprise. People know that Scotland is an incredibly wealthy country – richer per head than France, Japan and the UK as a whole.

‘‘These poll results echo with what Yes campaigners are hearing on the doorsteps of our communities – and as people across the North-east hear more about the opportunities of a Yes vote, I am confident that support for independence will rise even further and we will deliver a resounding vote in September.”