Tory leader Ruth Davidson in Deeside

VISIT: Ruth Davidson with Alexander Burnett and party colleagues displaying 'No thanks' signage.
VISIT: Ruth Davidson with Alexander Burnett and party colleagues displaying 'No thanks' signage.

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson MSP, visited Deeside last week, urging people vote ‘No Thanks’ in the referendum.

As well as showing support for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP candidate Alexander Burnett, the highest ranking Tory north of the border held a talk at Banchory Lodge Hotel as part of a tour making the case for Scotland to remain in the UK.

Ms Davidson and her party colleagues distributed fact sheets and pledge cards to give people in Banchory: “the key arguments they need to persuade people in their community.”

The party leader urged residents to put up window posters, attach car stickers and wear badges to show people in the town, who are thinking of voting No, that they are not alone.

Ms Davidson said: “I want people to go out into the town and surrounding communities and put a sticker on their car, wear a badge or post leaflets to get the message across to anyone who may be undecided.

“The time is now to tell people they are not alone in their support for the UK and can be proud to stand up for their beliefs.

“The referendum in September is going to be the most important vote that any of us cast in our lifetime.

“For me, there is too much to lose and too little to gain by breaking up Britain.

“There’s not a trial period - separation is forever.

“It will affect not just us, but it will affect our children, our children’s children and children yet unborn.

“Over the last two and a half years there has been a sense that’s developed that some people shouldn’t have a voice, or shouldn’t be able to say how they feel.

“That is wrong, and everyone should be able to stand tall and be proud of what they believe.

“I also want to send a clear message to undecided voters who feel torn about the decision - with a ‘No’ vote you are backing a stronger Scotland which guarantees a more powerful Scottish Parliament.

Less than 60 days remain before the referendum on Scottish independence.