“Really strange” sight in Crathes

SPOOKY: The picture with the "face" seen in the puddle.
SPOOKY: The picture with the "face" seen in the puddle.

“It’s really strange, I just don’t know what it is.”

Clare Stewart was on a quiet family walk in Crathes recently, with seven-year-old Melissa in tow her sister stopped to take a picture to remember the day forever.

Little did she know that the picture would show more than just her daughter.

Clare’s photo seems to show a sort of “face” in the puddle next to where Melissa stands.

The question stands- is it a cloud reflected on the water or something more?

Clare told The Piper: “I was out for a walk in Crathes with my sister Hannah, a friend an our children. It was just a walk to the playpark and the kids all started to take photos. My sister took one of Melissa.

“Hannah sent me a message with the picture that night and I thought she had photoshopped it to begin with. Couldn’t believe it when she said she hadn’t.”

She “freaked out” when she saw the spooky spectre in the picture.

“I totally freaked out, when I showed my Mum she said it had a very evil face. I think it looks like it has blood marks on it doesn’t look friendly anyway.”

She said she had always found that part of the village “creepy”.

“We were walking down a track from the park past a stone shed building. I always thought that it was creepy down there, I always got a strange feeling.

Even my sister who is sceptical about this stuff said it was weird.”

She took to Facebook looking for answers.

Various friends suggested looking into the village’s past.

The most famous spook in Crathes is the Green Lady who haunts the corridors of the castle,

Clare knew one thing for certain though: “I’ll be staying off that walk from now on!”