Recipe of the month from Tor-na-Coille

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This month head chef at Banchory’s award-winning Tor-na-Coille Hotel Colin Lyall shares a recipe for a a rich venison fillet, mini venison pie, cep puree and spiced pear chutney.

Ingredients - Venison Pie

450g plain flour

200ml milk

110g butter

1tbsp salt

2 sprigs rosemary, chopped 300g minced venison

40g chopped thyme

Salt and pepper

200ml water


Rub the flour and milk until the butter has melted in. Add the milk, water, salt and rosemary. Knead to make dough.

To make the pie filling, mix the venison, thyme and salt and pepper together.

To assemble the pie, line a ramekin with the pastry, and fill the middle with the venison mixture.

Cover with a pastry lid and bake at 160°C until pastry is golden.

Ingredients - Cep Puree

20g thyme

1 shallot, chopped

1 clove of garlic, chopped 300g ceps, chopped

200ml full fat cream



Sweat off thyme, shallots and garlic, then add the ceps and cook until tender. Add the cream then blend to a smooth puree.

Ingredients - Pear and Cardamom Chutney

4 pears (peeled and chopped) ½ red chilli (deseeded and chopped)

2tbsp white wine vinegar

2 cardamom pods

2tbsp butter

Sugar to taste


Sweat off all of the above ingredients until sticky and tender.

To assemble the dish cook the venison fillet for 4-5 minutes in a pan, until pink. Sweat a little savoy cabbage with some butter and add little whole ceps. Spoon cep puree onto a plate, forming a circle in the middle. Place the venison pie then add a little cabbage. Slice the venison in to the cabbage and top with the chutney.

Add rosemary and ceps to garnish.