Shedding blood for art


An artist whose work is on show at Drum Castle near Drumoak has revealed the “bloodshed” that went into creating her installation.

Julia Douglas’ ‘Highly Sprung’, a dress made out of 12,500 clothes pegs, is part of a contemporary art exhibition exploring the ‘Human Presence’ in a newly created art gallery at Drum Castle.

Of making the dress, Julia said: “It was a very repetitive process, akin to knitting, but also just like housework, a job that you do over and over again.

“The process made my fingers bleed.”

‘Highly Sprung’ was created 15 years ago, and remains one of Julia’s favourite pieces.

After breaking the pegs to separate the wood from the metal springs, she then linked the springs together to create the shape of the dress.

No glue, support or fastenings were needed to keep the dress structure in place.

“All of my work revolves around the home and relationships we have with objects around the home; how they tell a story about the owners and their life,” she explained.

“Highly Sprung is very much part of that theme, in fact this was the first one I did and I have continued with that theme ever since.”

Drum Castle is hosting the specially curated collection of modern art on loan from Aberdeen Art Gallery until March 2017.

It is open Thursday to Monday from 11am-4 pm, and from October on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-4pm.

Situated on the A93, Drum Castle is 10 miles west of Aberdeen.