Spiderman last seen in pursuit of pink gorilla

Spiderman attempts to subdue the infuriated ape
Spiderman attempts to subdue the infuriated ape

The Drumoak and Durris Community Group’s Family Fun Day enjoyed great weather and a healthy turnout earlier this month.

The afternoon featured Rosemary Pirie’s Dog Agility Show, a series of races for all ages, and numerous stalls. The main event in the ring was an ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition, which involved a variety of strenuous activities, getting very muddy, being blind-folded and covered with calf milk.

The crowd were then told that they would see a “very rare animal”, and then a pink gorilla was brought out and paraded. Despite the efforts of Graham from the SSPCA, the pink gorilla became agitated and sprang his cage.

The pink gorilla proceeded to demonstrate remarkable quad bike expertise, pulling wheelies and what-not amidst general monkey business. Fortunately, a lost-looking Spiderman made to apprehend the ape, and in the absence of New York’s skyscrapers to web-sling off of, he also settled for a quad bike. The gorilla was chased out of sight, and neither were seen again.

Maxine Smith, Chairperson of the Drumoak and Durris Community Group said: “Special thanks go to Duncan Wight whose company, Trees Are Us Tree Surgeons and Firewood Suppliers, were main sponsors. Duncan worked tirelessly organising this, including setting up the field and managing the event.”

The Fun Day will be held every third Sunday in August.