Strachan School re-opens as council seems to relent

Re-opened: Strachan School
Re-opened: Strachan School

The controversially mothballed Strachan School re-opened its doors earlier week, and now has a school roll of two.

An email from Director of Education Maria Walker was received by the community council on November 6, saying that Strachan School would re-open following ongoing discussions with familes.

Sam Wylde, chair of the Strachan Hall Committee which opposed the mothballing of the school, welcomed the news but was dubious of the circumstances. She said: “Re-opening this far into term isn’t really fair on the kids, the familes, or the community.

“I think people are suspicious of what’s happening - have they opened it just to close it? It’s all very peculiar.”

Currently, there is a single teacher, seconded from Banchory Primary for the two pupils enrolled.

In a letter on the subject, a former parent wrote: “Aberdeenshire Education Department have not seen fit to explain their actions, nor apologise for the stress caused to pupils, parents and teaching staff. Yesterday should have been an ordinary school day in the village of Strachan for at least 20, not just two.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “We have been in dialogue with all parents in the area to ensure that we best meet the needs of pupils, families and the community.

“Two pupils are attending the school and we will continue to monitor the situation.

“The situation at Strachan is unique, complex and developed quickly. The provision of quality education has been at the centre of our approach through working constructively with parents and we encourage anyone with any concerns to contact us directly.”