Donside drivers to be reminded street lights mean 30mph

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The North East Safety Camera Partnership (NESCAMP) has launched a campaign reminding motorists that streetlights mean 30mph.

The Partnership has created an advertising campaign informing motorists that if they see streetlights they should presume the speed limit is 30mph.

The advertisements are located on petrol pumps in Aberdeen, Westhill and Inverurie.

The Highway Code states streetlights mean 30mph unless signed otherwise. An area could have a 20 or a 40 mph speed limit and these signs will be located on lamp posts.

NESCAMPs communication officer, Julie Smith, said: “Unfortunately, many people do not realise that streetlights mean 30mph.

‘‘An example is dual-laned roads within Aberdeen City, many of which have a 30mph limit, however some motorists wrongly believe them all to be 40mph.

“Examples of such roads include North Esplanade West and sections of Ellon Road.”

The campaign will run until the end of March 2015.

This latest initiative is not the first of its kind to reach the area this year.

Local councillor Karen Clark recently called on Police Scotland to look at whether a scheme to combat speeding could work on Deeside.

Cllr Geva Blackett has also been speaking to local residents about the possibility of introducing 20mph zones.