First snow of winter no issue in Culter

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The first winter snow in the Cults-Culter area since last January fell on Sunday, with temperatures below freezing during the night.

They roseg to just over freezing on Monday morning.

It remains to be seen if this first snow will turn into what one resident called “proper winter snow,” prompted by the memory that last winter’s snowfall melted within a couple of days.

However, despite the lack of snow the festive season in the western city suburbs experienced several days of deep frost and several residents have taken up Aberdeen City Council’s offer of huge bags of salt and grit which are delivered free to areas nominated by the residents so that they can help keep their own streets ice free .

The council emphasises that the salt is intended only for public roads and paths and not for business or residential garden paths or parking areas.

Buckets are also supplied with the bags of salt which, at the end of the winter season, will be uplifted with what remains of the salt bags.

To have a free bag of salt and grit delivered to a street, residents should contact the Roads Department of Aberdeen City Council.