Severe storms cause BBC cabin to ‘explode’

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Extreme weather in the Cairngorms led to the destruction of the BBC Winterwatch cabin on Royal Deeside’s Mar Lodge Estate.

Gusts of wind measuring speeds of up to 96mph ripped through the building , pressurised the cabin and caused it to explode from the inside out.

Whilst, remarkably, the glass in the doors remained in tact, the base of the cabin was damaged beyond repair.

With the wooden cabin no longer an option for Winterwach 2015, the BBC team moved their studio inside the main building, where they could enjoy the comforts of a Victorian Hunting Lodge.

Winterwatch chose to return to Mar Lodge Estate this year for the second time because its location in the Cairngorms makes it one of the harshest places in the UK during the winter months.

The destruction of the crew’s cabin is an example of just how severe the elements can be!

This is the second recent incident at Mar Lodge as a result of bad weather. On the evening of August 10 2014, Mar Lodge Estate experienced one of the worst flood events of the last fifty years, possibly even the last century.

The footbridge just north of Derry Lodge was swept away, which presented difficulty for walkers trying to access Glen Luibeg and the Lairig Ghru.

Damage was also caused to paths and tracks on the estate.