Work to start at Torphins church

Changes to the grounds around Mid Deeside Church in Torphins are getting under way as part of the preparatory works for a major extension to the church building.

The Learney Estate has gifted a section of the wood to the north of the church, extending out about 30 metres from the building. MDC will shortly be clearing this to make way for the extension and much needed off road parking for the church complex.  

In addition, surveys have concluded that the trees along St Marnan Road in front of the church are in a dangerous condition. They have been included within the landscaping scheme and will be removed in due course.

Colin Guy, MDC Project Manager for the extension, said: “We are trying to carry out the necessary tree removal in as environmentally friendly way as possible. The larger trees will be recycled for use in the likes of roof timbers and the remaining wood will be processed on site for use as firewood or alternatively chipped.

“We are also investigating the possibility of using some of the wood after treatment internally within the sanctuary, thus further reducing the environmental impact.

“When the building work is finished we plan to plant hedging around the boundary and individual native hard wood trees in the car park and in a new community garden area. Community groups will be invited to participate in the planting as a celebration of community involvement in the extension.”

Building work on the extension is expected to start in June and be completed by the end of March 2014. Planning and building warrants have been received and building work is currently at the detailed specification stage. The local authority and forestry commission have both been advised that works will commence in the near future.

More details on the project will be issued to members and put on the Church website - - later this month.