World War Two grenade found in Ballater


A World War Two grenade was discovered in a block of flats in Ballater yesterday.

Police officers were called at 11am after it was discovered in a flat on Braichlie Road.

Homes were evacuated, police cordoned off the road and bomb disposal experts from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) were called out.

Police have confirmed it was a deactivated device from World War Two.

It is understood about 30 people were at risk of having to temporarily move out of their homes for safety.

However, only a handful had to be evacuated.

Inspector Megan Heathershaw said: “Following a review, we can confirm that the item was a deactivated device from WW2 which has no explosive capability.

“It has been safely removed from the site.

“Once again I would stress that there was no threat to the public at any stage.

“Thank you also to those members of the public who were affected while inquiries were carried out this afternoon. Your patience has been much appreciated.”

An EOD spokesperson said: “It was an old WW2 device with no explosives left inside.

“It was handed over to the police.

“It is always better to check and not touch these things and call the police.”